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At first glance, the attention of the viewer is called to the center of the flag where a stately tree, symbolic of the natural beauty found in the

City of Ozark appears within the letter "O".

   The tree, representing a rich heritage as depicted by its sturdiness and unseen roots, exemplifies the strong foundation upon which the city was founded and continues to grow.  Its branches extend outward in a gesture designed to invite, greet, and welcome cherished neighbors and friends.  The tree's lush green color signifies life, growth, abundance and community; four words that define the true nature of this southern city.

   Surrounding the tree with its bright unending band, the "O" represents the harmony of the people as much as it stands for the name Ozark.  Likewise,

the brilliance of the yellow expresses the warmth of the climate as well as the friendliness of the citizens.  All is encompassed by shades of blue denoting

the rivers, lakes, and the heavens.  When picked up by the breeze, the flag characterizes an appreciation of the diversity, yet the unity, of the people.

In the fall of 1998, Ozark's Mayor and City Council named a committee to design a flag for the City of Ozark.  All members of the committee worked together diligently to accomplish this goal.

The committee members were:

Trotman Carroll, Florine Colvin, Marshall Griffin, Janet Mathison, Pamela Herbold, Janet McLeod, Diane Murphy, Hazel Turner, Roberta Hyers,

Chair and Landra Siegfried, Coordinator

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